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Hardin Thicke
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Default Random Windshield Washer Operation

( I decided to start a new thread in an effort to consolidate all of the posts on this)

I along with others on here have experienced mysterious and random front windshield washer operation; driving along when suddenly the washers begin to pump fluid,and keep pumping until the tank runs dry, or until you cycle the ignition. My Tahoe is presently in the shop with this problem, and after speaking to the tech last night, I thought I post some facts that I know of at this time.

-Owners with the heated washer option are experiencing the problem.

-The control module,heater, and pump are one unit mounted up on the firewall on the far left side. The washer system is not on the GM LAN. It's a closed circuit consisting of conventional wiring.

-When the heater perforates the tank (and it will eventually) washer fluid seeps down into the control module, and wrecks the unit.

-Additionally, if you had the recall done, but not the tank replaced, washer fluid can run down that short harness and get into the connector pins destroying that too. So that must be examined for damage. Essentially, the recall adds another connector into the wiring.

-Finally, the tech did tell me that GM is swamped with this problem. There was no charge for the part($350), just the labor, so I am led to believe that this is one of those silent recalls.

My Tahoe is still there because after installing a new module and sending me on my way, it began to exhibit the same symptoms again. I returned, and left it there with the tech scratching his head. Gadgets are fun to have, but what a pain when they go bad.

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My denali (2007) does this......
What if I am still under warranty milage-wise? Would all parts and labor be covered for this fix?
If I push the heated windshild fluid button --- it makes the cycle you described in your post start --- I had the recall done earlier.....
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That's the way the heated washer fluid is supposed to work. You push the button and in about 15-20 seconds later the wipers cycle several times while spraying heated fluid. It w/ continue to do this until you press the switch again or it goes thru a number of cycles, don't remember how many.
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Hardin Thicke
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I received my Tahoe back today after spending 2 days in the shop. They hooked their diagnostic tool up and got it to repeat the random turn on with no stoppage, so they ruled out the driver's control stem. Finally, they reflashed the Body Control Module and the problem ceased and went away. It's interesting to note that I had a reflash done previously to address the BCM rundown of the battery. But this this past Saturday, I tried to start it, and the battery was almost dead. I had to jump it to start. This was the second time this happened since the reflash. Then later on that day, the washers came on and pumped dry. Then yesterday, the backup sensor stopped working, and the delayed lock started acting flukey. So I don't know if everything is related or not, but if the problem happens to you, suggest the reflash of the BCM. Although I'm out of warranty, I was not charged for the fix except for the labor to replace the washer module.

EDIT- Shark, it's suppose to cycle 3 times before shutting down. Mine just keeps pumping and wiping. You have to cycle the ignition to get it to stop, then it won't work at all.
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