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Technical Discussions This forum is for technical discussions related to customizing your Tahoe/Yukon

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Old 01-28-2008, 12:09 PM   #1
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Default Fuel Problems....

About a month ago, I lost my fuel pump, (of course always on a half full tank of fuel). Luckily I was in my driveway. So I dropped the tank and replaced the fuel pump. Not a problem, put it back together and it worked fine, not great but ok. Well I started noticing that, it doesn't start nearly as well as it did before, and I have no power after about 3300 rpms also, its like the fuel is cut off. also now it misses from time to time. Now to find out the reasoning with all of that..... When I dropped my tank, which I had never done to this vehicle before, I didn't take off the fuel lines that went to the pump on the top of tank. So when it came down it bent them, the hard black plastic lines. So that is why I think that I can't turn any rpms. But I know that I have to have a certain PSI in the fuel lines for my motor to even run. So how can I achieve that PSI if my fuel line is crimped. makes no since to me. Also I can not hear my fuel pump turn on unless I am cranking on the motor, it does not come on when I just hit the key. So my second thought is that my distributer is going out, my truck has 127,000 miles on it and I am the second owner and I know that it has not been changed, also probably need to do plugs and wires. So anybody have any ideas. Also, I have a Hypertech chip in there and it doesn't throw any codes. Please help

Thank you
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sounds like you may have multiple issues. first off i believe the pump primes up momentarily with the key on, then continues to run once it starts. the distributor has nothing to do with the primming. i would check at the pump harness if there is 12 volts+ when key is first turned on. if not, i believe there is a fuel pump relay that controls the voltage to the pump. check that. second, if you havent changed tune up parts,( plugs, wires, cap, rotor, etc...) i would do that as well. post your findings, good luck
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Does anybody know what my relay should show on my ohm meter????
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I just went through the same thing with my 96 Yukon. Changed pump and got a major hesitation upon take off. After one week the truck died again. Turns out the pump connector had a corroded ground wird in it. Change that connector when you do the pump. I cut off those hard plastic lines and used high pressure fuel hose and just clamped it onto the steel lines and onto the pump. I tried using those quick connect parts but ended up removing them as they didn't seem too tight. good luck
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i think that your lines are pinched sinse you said you didn`t take them off.
when i changed my pump 2 weeks ago them lines are not long at all.

but that is a good idea to cut them plastic lines off and use the rubber lines.
i could have saved 10.00 from buying the tool.
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THe relay will show different readings depending on what terminals you have connected.

It goes like this:

Between terminals 85 and 86 = between 300 to 400 ohms (its the coil circut)

Between terminals 30 and 87a = it should show some where about 0 with the swich off.

Between terminals 30 and 87 = it sould show OL until the switch is turned on then it should show close to 0

Terminals 87a and 87 should never have a reading at the same time. One should show current when the key is on and one should show current with the key off.
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