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Lift Kit and Lowering Kit Discussions This forum is for discussing Lift Kit and Lowering Kit topics.

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One last question for you all...anyone know the ratio (approx.) of height adjustment to one full revolution of the torsion key bolt? Or another way to say it, how much change will occur to the front height if the torsion bolt is turned one full revolution. Anyone know, lemme know!
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Have no idea...You can be the first! Measure it for us, I am sure that someone will want to know in the future.
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Originally Posted by biomektattoo View Post
I just had my 01 tahoe done last week. we used new torsion keys to lift the fron about 2.5 in and spacers in the reaer for about 1in lift. I also put new skyjackers on it. I am runnin 285 maxxis bighorn mudders , and it rides great!. I kinda thought it would give me a rougher ride, but not the case! Very happy with what I did for the money.looks much beefier now tooo , and is never a bad thing!
Got any pictures????

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Quick question guys; I am also new on the whole Tahoe thing. I recently installed 3 inch lift keys. The guy at the alignment shop told me maxing the keys out would cause the steering wheel to jerk violently when you hit a bump. Is this true? Im only sitting a half inch higher in the front than the back. I was really hoping for more clearance. Can you guys tell me how much is the max to turn the keys up without causing trouble? I still have almost a full inch of threads showing on my torsion key bolts. I have seen where several people are sitting a full 1.5"-2" higher in the front than the rear which is what I had hoped for so that I could put a 1 inch spacer in the rear and still be above level in the front. I like the squatted look. Do you guys have any measurement on how much threads you have left on your bolts? I assume some of these guys have them ran all the way up.
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Originally Posted by boostaholic View Post
As long as you don't crank the sh*t out of the bars you'll be fine, just maintain flat cv angles if possible. The main issue with cranking on these stock 1/2 ton trucks is the low spring rate which requires different torsion keys with a higher index to achieve the desired amount of lift. Go find some stock f-150 keys and have an alignment shop install them and re-align the truck, then go buy some longer front shocks and enjoy having a truck 2" taller.
What year ford keys?
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