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Default Can I have more than 1 remote fob 03 Tahoe?

Sorry if this is posted elsewhere.

I bought 2 new fobs from Amazon (and cut 2 new keys). Went through the programming steps and they worked fine. So, I thought I had 3 fobs. Took the new ones in the house and went back to tinker with my radio presets.

When I finished tinkering, I tried to lock the vehicle with the old fob. It didn't work. Tried the new fobs and only one worked. I made sure I had only one fob with me (others in the house) and repeated the programming steps. Basically, it appears that when I program one fob, the others won't work. I bought the Tahoe used and thought it odd that they only gave me 1 fob. But now I suspect that you can only have one for the 2003 Tahoe. Can anyone verify this?

FYI, I disconnected the purple harness from the BCM to solve my 'rear door ajar' and 4 am alarm issues. Not at the point of needing to spend the money/time on it. I disconnected before programming the fobs.

Thanks in advance.
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If you program one fob you have to reprogram all at the same time
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Originally Posted by 20005tahoe View Post
If you program one fob you have to reprogram all at the same time
Is this true? I bought a 2003 that came with 1 fob. Wanting to get a 2nd fob for wife's keychain. The original works fine so if I buy a new unit, what all do I need to know as to have both working properly instead of creating problems like rendering the original non-operational?
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Yes it is true.
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Program every FOB

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As I understand it, for the most part each time you enter programming mode it erases all fob's and starts over. So when programming program all at one time. I did this with an 05 Tahoe and all fobs work fine.

Keep in mind when the vehicle was new it came with 2 working Fobs.
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Lol just been thru this with mine...mine has the memory seats,I would program them both and only one would work...if you have memory seats go thru the program as normal and program one fob then press the memory seat position 2 for the other fob and then do the same for that fob,worked a treat for me i hope it does for you too 😀
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