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Audio, Video and Alarm Discussions This forum is for discussing audio and video topics. Such as upgrading or repairing your A/V system.

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Default 01 audio pre-project thought gathering

Hi everyone! New to the forum as I bought my first Tahoe a year ago, and it's finally time to ask the pros on here for some guidance.

The trucks an 01 LT without bose and (assuming because of the speaker grill in the back?) factory sub.

Long story short the stereo in this thing is garbage. No bass whatsoever and factory speakers are all blown. It's become a chore to listen to music at all, and since we got it for the kids to take all our stuff on road trips, that's now become a problem.

I have been doing my research and have a few ideas but would appreciate some input and make sure I'm going in the right direction.

Receiver- I don't mind the factory receiver but believe it's underpowdered. I have a single din JVC unit sitting in my garage, but I don't like the look of it in the dash. I do think it would be nice to have a double din I could hook a back up camera too though. Is the conversion of this really that big of a deal? If I cut my existing dash does the hvac buttons still need lowered? I'm not interested in buying a dash kit but I don't want it to look all jacked up. Is there a nice 1.5 din unit that's available?

Amp- I'm planning on replacing the speakers to others I have (not sure what?) I'm assuming the amp isn't powerful enough to make them perform? I'm planning on bypassing the amp and powering speakers through the receiver, unless there's another option?

Sub- Maybe there isn't one there but the grill in the back tells me there should be one. There is absolutely no bass in this car and no sounds of a blown speaker. Is there an issue I should be looking into? Regardless I'll be putting one there. I have a set of 12" Jensen pros and an alpine amp. I will probably put one in the factory location. Will the factory amp power it? I think they're 250w rms 600 peak. Can I leave the factory amp and put mine in line? My days of needing to blow out windows with deafening bass are long gone but I do appreciate a little bump.

My thoughts as of now- I would prefer to leave the factory radio in as it would be convenient, and I wouldn't have to deal with rewiring the aftermarket DVD player system the p.o installed. Speakers will be replaced with something that gives me nice highs and mids but capable of giving lows when called for (unsure if factory amp is capable of delivering this). Factory sub will be replaced and upgraded with a separate amp but hopefully be controlled by factory wiring.

My goal is more about sound quality then looking flashy. I do have a couple $$ to spend but since I already have the "important" pieces it doesn't seem like this should be a big deal. Is it? Is there an amp I can put in place of the factory one to do all of this better then what's there? Seems like it would be easier then retrofitting the dash. I haven't looked but if anyone has easy access to some wiring schematics and maybe a complied list of audio stuff (i.e. Dimensions, power inputs/requirements,etc) that would be extremely helpful.

Thanks in advance! I'm looking forward to being an active member here. I'm always working on something and hope I can be of help to someone in the future.

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