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Field Reports Tell us about and post pics of your road trips and off road adventures

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grin from CA to NY

I recently went on a trip with my 2007 LTZ towing a u haul 5X8, we were moving to NY due to a job change, the truck was great never gave me any problems, the ride was beautiful, and so comfortable, I went with my wife and my daughter, it was a blast, although we had to stop twice at hotels because my daughter could not through the night sitting on her seat, so we had to stop. it took me 3 days and 3 nights, the last night I drove it through because I was so close to our destination, it was pointless to stop at a hotel.
After 2 yrs I finish the job, and went back to CA, again towing a u haul same size as the previous one, but this time I had my father in-law with us, a nephew and my sister in law, come along with us, again the trip was comfortable, because I was in no rush to go back to CA, it took us 4 days and 4 nights to make it back, again the last night was pointless to stay at a hotel being so close.
After 6 months of unemployment, I found a job in WA, so guess what?, I loaded my wife, daughter, my new baby boy or 1.5 months, and a u haul 5X8 and I brought them to WA, on the way up here I was so tire and lost control for 1 second (I was falling sleep) and I came to realize that I was going to hit the side rail, in an attempt of bringing the Tahoe back to the road, I slam the passenger side of the truck into the rail and the u haul as well, but the stability of the Tahoe is so great that no bigger accident occurred that night I pull over to inspect the Tahoe, and I didn't notice anything wrong, but when day light came and i had to fill up, i notice a big scratch on the passenger side and the u haul as well, besides that I have been here for 1.5 months, and the Tahoe has been so good to us.
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WOW, what a story!!! I am glad that you and your family are safe & sound.

I moved from CT. to WA. with a 6x12 U-Haul in July. It was a great drive!! The Tahoe is a phenomenal truck!
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Wow! im happy to hear your okay and sorry to hear that u had to leave CA but hopefully one day u can come back xD hopefully nothing major happend aside from that scratch good luck with the work and next time you take a trip and you feel tired just stop on the side of the road and get some sleep cuz not sleeping is really dangerous bro.
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