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Originally Posted by Biggwaukegan View Post
a slippery slope? lay off the snow for a minute were talking about Tahoes here. Not denalis or yukons, were talkin tahoe...Not denalis or yukons..were talking tahoes.

now then. what do you mean you gotta save more and do them all at once? man you can do it piece by piece if you want. stick to the denali forum bra
Play nice guys.
I think what Boost is getting at is that you can do it piece by piece, but you won't realize the full potential of a single part unless it works in harmony with others. For ex; a high lift cam won't make a big improvement if the intake system (manifold, tb, air filter, etc) doesn't have the ability to allow the cam to ingest the volume of air it is capable of. A high rpm cam profile will almost always need a higher stall converter. Opening the exhaust will help an aftermarket intake even more. Any intake and exhuast mod can benefit more if parameters in the pcm are changed to take advantage of the increased airflow. Sometimes it's better to add a couple parts at the same time rather than one by one.
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