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rockymt21 04-24-2008 11:46 PM

Making headlights sparkle?
So I've got a pair of stock headlights on my 02 tahoe. I don't want to spend the cash on new ones, but I want that new(ish) look. How do you guys get your headlights to shine like they were brand new?

Thanks, Dan

FergHoe 04-25-2008 01:19 AM

wal mart sells a kit that is called "head light restorer"

comes with 1500 grit sandpaper
2000 grit sandpaper
clearcoat sealer
$20.00 Bucks

So go buy sandpaper and a rattle can of clear coat, wet sand them and clear them. then they will look good.

Trend Setta 04-25-2008 05:52 AM

what ferghoe said, also heard that toothpaste works, I've personally never tried it, but worth a try!

Rollin Thunder 04-25-2008 10:59 AM

best way is to go to your local mechnic shop. tell them you want them cleared and they will do it professonaly. looks awsome dude. had it done on the mercedes. looks brand spankin new, cost me 40 bucks.

Nappers 06-13-2008 03:20 AM

I use Meguiars PlastX and a lot of elbow grease.

phonedrn8 07-28-2011 08:13 PM

power ball I used on the Infin g35 worked good and on the Tahoe

86mk7 08-11-2011 09:53 PM

Wet standing and buffing is the only way to make them look new again.

phonedrn8 08-12-2011 12:51 PM

wet sand is good if know how to do it, u can do damage if not carefull

tahoedoe 11-10-2011 11:24 AM

wetsand is the way to go. dont waste your money on a kit. 600grit, then 1000, then 1500, then 2000. When you start it will look like your lenses are scratched, but when you get into the higher grits, it will buff them out completely. Make sure you keep the lense and paper wet at all times!

diskman 05-23-2013 10:38 AM

I have been using a small 6" palm orbital polisher and the cheap wal-mart toothpaste for YEARS.

Wash the headlights of any oil/dust/road grime.

Use masking tape to mask off around the lights. Don't want to scratch the paint!

Put a 3 inch line of toothpaste on the damp polisher and place on headlight. THEN turn on.

I use a large bucket of warm water and a cup to keep things wet and lubed.

You will see the toothpaste "foam" turn yellow as it pulls out the oxidation and gunk as you move it around the headlight lens.

I suggest a chair to sit on as you polish. :p

Rinse and repeat with fresh toothpaste often.

This works on those SEVERELY yellow lights on Dodge and Ford cars from the 90s.

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